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GCam 7.5 – The Latest GCam Port

As of writing this post, GCam 7.5 is the latest version which is aimed to work on the Android 11 update and brings the following features on table:

  • Motion Blur
  • Audio Zoom
  • Flash Intensity
  • Video sharing

The Google Camera 7.5 is the latest version which is available to download ONLY for Google Pixel phones. For rest of the world, you can try the the GCam 7.4.

The very first in this series was the GCam version 7.0 which was compatible with Android 10 update, which was a major version upgrade. This version brought the Astrophotography mode and Social sharing as some noticeable feature additions. Since then all other GCam 7.x update including this GCam 7.3 did not bring any big feature update or additions.

Below are some of the GCam 7.4 port available from various developers. If you certainly know that the GCam APK port from a specific developer works on your phone, then you can try one directly.

If not sure, I will recommend you to visit the device specific GCam page listed below. The device specific page contains tried and tested versions of compatible GCam for a phone.

GCam 7.4 by Arnova8G2:

Arnova8G2’s GCam port usually works for a wide range of phone. You can try this APK otherwise look at list below for a compatible GCam 7.4 for your phone.

GCam 7.4 by BSG:

If you know that BSG’s Google Camera port works on your phone then you can try this APK without looking at the device specific download page listed below.

GCam 7.4 by Nikita:

If you know that Nikita’s Google Camera port (typically known as NGCam) works on your phone then you can try this APK right away. GCam Build version 1.1 is the latest.
Also, you get different config files for different GCam builds.

GCam 7.4 by Parrot043:

If you know that Parrot043’s Google Camera port works on your phone then you can try this APK without looking at the device specific download page listed below.

GCam 7.4 by PitbulL:

If you know that PitbulL’s Google Camera port works on your phone then you can try this APK right away.
Gcam build version 1.6 is the latest one. Click on the drop down box to select the file to download.

As I mentioned earlier that the only problem is you may not know which Google Camera 7.4 APK port works on your Android phone! In the below list I have already added GCam 7.4 for compatible phones.

If you want me to find the latest compatible GCam APK for your phone, then just leave a comment with your device details. I will try my best to find one for your phone!

What features make the Google Camera so good?

Google camera is known for its unmatched software image processing which delivers unbeatable images on almost every Android phone it is ported to. There is no other camera application from any OEM that is even close to GCam. This paradigm may change in future, though. But Google is kind of not giving up on adding features to the GCam app.

Below are some of the key features from my point of view which makes the Google Camera unique. But don’t just go by my words. If you have a compatible phone, install it to believe. Yes, that’s true!

  • Better sharpness and saturation of colors.
  • Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • Night Sight mode with better low light photography (on GCam version 6.1.021 and later)
  • Astrophotography mode (on GCam version 7.0.009 and later)
  • Object portrait mode is supported, which is also known as lens blur.
  • Integrated Google photos and Google lens
  • Supports up to a whopping 60X zoom.
  • 4k 60 FPS video recording
  • RAW image capture

FAQs about the Google Camera APK / GCam APK

Below are some of the frequently asked questions by users about the GCam app or the Google camera port.

What is GCam APK or Google Camera APK?

The Google Camera APK or shortened as GCam APK is the Camera application that exclusively comes pre-installed on Google Pixel or legacy Nexus phones. APK is the file extension or file type for an Android application. Basically, the GCam APK is the Google Camera application available on Android OS platform.

What is GCam APK Mod or Google Camera APK Port?

Google Camera is known for its outstanding software image processing that delivers DSLR like pictures on tiny mobile phone sensor. GCam APK is well known for its RAW image capture, HDR+, portrait mode, Night sight mode, Astrophotography mode etc. But it is not available fro any Non-Google device.

Because of the Google camera’s advanced features and software processing capabilities, the actual GCam APK has been reverse engineered and modified to make it compatible with other phones. This modified Google camera APK is known as GCam APK mod or port.

How to Install GCam APK on Android?

You cannot install Google Camera from Play Store on any Non-Google phone. To be able to install Google Camera or GCam on other phones than Google, you need to follow the below instructions.

If a phone is launched with Android Oreo or later, most likely it will have Camera2 API enabled by default. In case you still want to verify, follow the below instructions!

Required downloads and guides to install Google Camera app

  • Custom Recovery such as: TWRP recovery
  • To Install a custom recovery you need to have an unlocked bootloader
  • Install the recovery using fastboot.
    – How to Install TWRP
    – How to Install Redwolf recovery (RWRP)
  • Enable HAL3 to work with Camera2 API to install the Google Camera app.
  • Compatible Google Camera GCam APK from one of the above link.
  1. First verify if your phone already has the “Camera2 API installed” or not using the Manual Camera Compatibility APK.
  2. If it shows all features are supported, then you can just download the compatible “Google Camera App” for your phone.
  3. If the Manual Camera Compatibility app reports that your device does not support manual settings, then you need to install the Camera2 API using a custom recovery.
    Installing a custom recovery requires an unlocked bootloader in most of the cases.

    • Download the Camera2 API zip file and a compatible GCam APK file for your phone.
    • Restart your phone in Recovery Mode
    • Install the Camera2 API zip file from the recovery.
    • Restart your phone normally and then “install the GCam APK” file for your phone.

That’s all on this Google Camera APK. I hope this list is helpful for many users. If you don’t find your phone in the list, you can leave a comment and I will try to get a working GCam APK mod for your phone!

To get similar apps an mod APKs like this Google Camera, stay tuned to the

Android APK download

page to get more Android Apps and mod APKs for Android Phone.

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